Norton Zone

 Working with John Santora and his team at Magnet Media we created  and performed 4 scientist puppets and many props for Symantec’s Norton Zone  cloud sharing software commercials.

“After a team brainstorm, the idea of using puppets to express Norton’s safe and easy approach to file sharing came to the forefront. Norton, with a history of embracing humor in its marketing, loved the idea and gave the green light to create two live-action, puppet-centric videos. Using custom designed puppets, puppeteered by a group of hired professionals, both videos were shot in just one day in our onsite studio….. Norton was excited by and pleased with the humor, tone, and final overall product.”  

Featuring Noel MacNeal, Heather Asch, Peter Bradley, Paul McGinnis, David Fino and Haley Jenkins, with puppet wrangler Bec Sloane.

DavidBPCNorton Zone