The Fuzz (2010)

The Fuzz (Sesame Street meets The Wire) follows a rookie puppet detective as he’s thrust into the middle of an active puppet crime syndicate. Featuring the voices of Reggie Watts and Jon Benjamin, humans and puppets interact in the seedy underbelly of a NYC/Sesame Street world. There are hookers, pimps, songs about drug dealing and puppet brains splattered on walls (aren’t you curious what that looks like?)”

A Pilot for Comedy Central/Web series on Starring Eric Edelstein, David Fino, Jack Gearhart, Molly Lloyd, Adam Pally, Rob Lathan, Frankie Cordero, John Benjamin and Reggie Watts.

Unfortunately the series is no longer online, but we hope you enjoy the pictures.   

Be sure to check out the 2013 reboot of The Fuzz on Hulu Plus and Yahoo Screen!

DavidBPCThe Fuzz (2010)