Practice Puppets


Available in a variety of colors, and designed specifically to be effective learnin’ tools, the BPC Practice Puppets are lightweight, super easy to move, and cheap as heck!*  Each puppet is made to order  ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!

Just $100 each!  

To order click  HERE!

We have taught countless classes with these little beauties and have sent them around the world to happy customers   Teachers, ask us about bulk rate discounts on 10 or more.

Take a look at some in action at the Beyond the Sock Workshop in Texas with Peter Linz, Noel MacNeal, and Pasha Romanowski in 2015…


 These full, TV performance size Live-Hands Practice puppets are lightweight, durable, easy to move, and are designed specifically to be effective learnin’ tools. They are available in Orange, Teal, Purple and Green.

You choose the Colors!   To order click  HERE!

And we have Handeyes!

Just slip these over your middle and ring fingers and you have an instant puppet. It’s just that easy!

 and FingerPuppetz!

BPC FingerPuppetz are fun for any occasion….. ‘Cause they’re finger puppets!

You get all 4 colors shown in each set  so you can:

– Amuse your friends!
– Confuse your pets!
– Decorate that wine bottle!
– Hide them in the medicine cabinet!
– Give ’em to a kid for some reason!

*We mean the price. We take great pride in how cool these little buggers are. 

All practice puppets are copyright 2015 by David Fino and The Brooklyn Puppet Conspiracy,and are not intended for commercial use.

Prices do not include shipping. That will be calculated for you when you place your order.   All correspondence is tended to, and all puppets are built by hand, by professional NYC puppet builders. NONE of our merchandise is recommended for small children.  

Besides,they really would prefer that teddybear….

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